• Initiatives
    At the Sunwing Foundation, SMILES are just as important as EDUCATION
  • Initiatives
    To help both present and future generations, we believe supporting youth, education and training initiatives is key.
  • Humanitarian aid
    To-date we have responded in the aftermath of hurricanes, helped transport firefighting equipment to where it was needed, and delivered vital medical supplies.
Sunwing Foundation
Sunwing Foundation

"A charitable initiative established by the Hunter family, the Sunwing Foundation reflects the Sunwing Travel Group’s enduring commitment to the support and development of youth in the communities where it operates in the form of project funding or the transport of humanitarian aid. The Sunwing Foundation passes on 100% of the charitable donations it raises to the communities that need it the most, funding educational and skills development projects to provide a direct, impactful, and sustainable improvement to quality of life for years to come."

Charitable giving has always been part of the Sunwing Travel Group story. In the past, we have engaged in a variety of fundraising efforts from partnering with ONEXONE (a Canadian charity committed to improving the lives of children worldwide) on a spare change program that raised in excess of $600,000, to transporting medical supplies and water to areas in crisis.

Together with our Canadian-based airline, retail and tour operations, the Sunwing Travel Group is a direct employer of thousands of people working within our hotel and destination management services across the Caribbean, Mexico, South and Central America. Over the years, we are proud to have built up long-lasting relationships with the people we work with and the communities in which they reside.

The Sunwing Foundation has been established to effect positive change in the destinations we service. To help both present and future generations, we believe supporting youth, education and training initiatives is key. In this way, not only will we improve the quality of life of the children of today, but by empowering them to succeed and giving them positive aspirations for their tomorrow, we will also be strengthening their communities for many years to come.

How a small contribution today can help shape a brighter future tomorrow

Funded by the Sunwing Travel Group, together with charitable donations received via the spare change program on our aircraft that encourages guests to donate their unused foreign currency as they return from their vacation, the Sunwing Foundation will work with carefully selected organizations on specific youth development, training and education projects within the communities to which we are connected. Furthermore, as part of our pledge to these communities, we will ensure that all charitable donations will be passed on, in their entirety; there are no administration fees, and the Sunwing Foundation ensures that 100% of these donations reach the people that need them the most.

Our first large scale project took place in April 2015 when, in partnership with Food for the Poor Canada (a charitable organization dedicated to providing both basic aid and sustainable development to communities across the Caribbean) and Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation (whose mission is to help improve the lives of Jamaican children) we constructed a school house in the parish of Trelawny, Jamaica not far from Royalton White Sands; a hotel on the island that we are closely affiliated with. The hotel employees (several of whom also have children attending the school) also lent their support during the build.

Previously over 75 children and their teachers were housed in cramped conditions without adequate classroom space in a shared community centre. At the start of the 2015/16 academic year, the students went back to school in their new purpose built structure complete with play area and kitchen facilities. This was the first step on our journey to enriching the communities that we serve, and we look forward to more opportunities to participate in similar projects in the future.

If you are a charitable organization and wish to submit a proposal requesting partnership with a specific youth, education or community project, we invite you to get in touch by writing to us at the following email address: foundation@sunwingtravelgroup.com.

Offering help in times of need

Building on Sunwing Travel Group’s history of lending humanitarian aid, to-date we have responded in the aftermath of hurricanes, helped transport firefighting equipment to where it was needed, and delivered vital medical supplies. As part of our charitable undertaking, the Sunwing Foundation will also offer meaningful support in times of crisis.

When Hurricane Irma and Maria hit the Caribbean in the fall of 2017, Sunwing, the foundation, and partner GlobalMedic worked tireless to ensure the safety of those in affected destinations. In addition to sending over 30 flights to repatriate travellers in threatened destinations, Sunwing hosted a humanitarian aid packing event with its employees to send supplies with GlobalMedic to Antigua on a Sunwing flight to support the 3000+ people affected in Barbuda where 99% of its buildings were significantly damaged. Some of the aid included hygiene kits and enough water purification tablets to Antigua to purify 1.5 million litres of water. Repatriation flights and humanitarian aid were also provided to St. Maarten and Cuba.

Where we can, we will also continue to use our resources to transport goods donated by Canadian charities destined for the communities to which we are committed.

If you are a registered charity and require assistance with the transport of goods to one of the destinations served by our airline, please contact us at foundation@sunwingtravelgroup.com to learn more about our charitable assistance program with regards to the transport of goods.