• Sell Off Vacations
    Retail Operations


SellOffVacations.com launched in 2000 as a transactional website with an innovative travel discount model to offer Canadians the convenience of shopping and buying affordable vacation packages and flights online. Now one of the largest OTAs (Online Travel Agencies), SellOffVacations.com owns 35 retail locations across Canada, as well as a high-volume website and call centre in Toronto. As a result of developing preferred partnerships with major travel providers, SellOffVacations.com offers customers generous savings and deals on flights, vacation packages, cruises, hotels, tours and travel insurance purchases. What’s more, SellOffVacations.com consistently demonstrates its commitment to providing the best for its customers; in 2017 the OTA built nine new stores in various locations across the country, and revitalized many of its other current locations to offer customers a friendly and welcoming environment. Visit the website