The very first Sunwing flight departed Toronto Pearson International Airport early yesterday morning and landed at Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport in Crown Point, Tobago. The inaugural flight was operated by Captain Marty Neely, Captain Blair Pritchard and First Officer Ryan Isaac. Sunwing WG175 carried vacationers on board in addition to 200 Sunwing Foundation backpacks filled with school supplies and gently-used books as part of the charitable initiative’s recently launched Flying Start program. The flight crew and passengers received a warm welcome from representatives of the Tobago Tourism Board upon landing, including a ceremonial water cannon salute.


Prior to the flight, volunteers from the Sunwing Foundation packed backpacks with gently-used books, colouring sheets and other school supplies including notebooks and crayons. The backpacks then made the journey down to Tobago on Sunwing’s inaugural flight, where they were distributed to local children between the ages of five and 12 years at the first-ever Special Christmas for Special Kids event in Tobago. The event was organized by local community organization Mason Hall Empowerment Group, aimed at empowering children, and The Peters Family Foundation, which provides support to parents with differently abled children in Tobago. The donation was made as part of Sunwing Foundation’s Flying Start initiative, which aims to ensure a successful education for children in need across the destinations that Sunwing serves.


President of Tour Operations for Sunwing, Andrew Dawson, commented on the news, “We are excited to be providing travellers in the Toronto area even more options this winter with the addition of the island of Tobago. To demonstrate our support for one of our newest destinations, we are pleased to be able to bring some holiday cheer on board our first flight with the donation of backpacks and school supplies for local school children as part of the Sunwing Foundation’s Flying Start program.”


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